money counting machine with festivel offer sale till 10th oct.2016"9718712184" in Gole Market

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FESTIVEL OFFER 50% DISCOUNT Navaratri/Durgapuja discount offer
For offer applicable all cash counting machine
OFFER VALID: TILL 10 oct.2016
For order booking: 9555086767,9718712184
Warrenty: 12 month
Brand: godrej,namibind,kavinson,cashguard
MRP.Rs 9400/-
Offer price :Rs.4700/-

The latest models in fake currency detectors are easy to use. They have a compact design and can be placed next to the cash counter. The time taken to detect a fake currency is just seconds. The detectors have a UV based technology through which it can tell the difference between real notes and fake ones. The light weight plastic body enables you to easily lift it and place it on the counter or desk close by for usage. Quite affordably priced, buying it is worth the money spent as you can avoid the problem that arises with accepting fake currency notes. It can save you from financial losses that come from accepting counterfeit notes.

Fake currency detectors are most suitable for businesses where a lot of cash transactions happen in a single day. In places like hotels, hospitals, retail shops, ticket counters a huge amount of money is received and it is very easy for a fake note to be passed in between real ones at the time of transaction. This machine enables such businesses to save their profits for the day by never accepting even a single fake note. It can alert as soon as a fake note is placed in front of it.

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money counting machine with festivel offer sale till 10th oct.2016"9718712184"

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