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I am Mr Laurent Duplain promoter group Duplain, owner of several companies of productions in the world. In mutual agreement with my financial advisors and due to the global economic crisis we decided to grant loans to serious, honest individuals of good morals and in urgent need of money.

Our offer applies to:
-Everyone, the shop assistant to the financial framework, the road to the official.
-All people who do not have access to credit in a bank or financial institutions.
-Individuals not employed or unemployed.
-People in CDD, interim,... assisted contracts all contracts off CDI.
-Difficult financial situation individuals.
-Over-indebtedness, fiché Bank.
-Also for investors, trader wishing to make their capital.

Our interest rate is 3% a year in the strict compliance with the law on wear. For more details please contact us:

Thank you

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loan offer loan offer /

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