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Germanfrom the masters. We teach German in classroom and online mode. Call fortraining and exam booking

LearnGERMAN A1, A2, and B1 for spouse and education visa to
Austria and Germany.

We alsoteach Italian, Dutch, Spanish and French

We atNids teach German using the latest methods.

We usethe best way to learn German

Weteach German grammar. We have designed grammar for beginners, German grammarlessons, you will learn to use German grammar rules, through German grammarexercises, you can learn perfect German grammar from us.

Thebook of German grammar, charts German grammar to learn German rules, and learnGerman grammar correctly

If youwant to learn to speak German fluently, and if you think you can learn Germanfree we are the right people for you. We have award winning German learningcourses, taught by native German speakers who help you practice and get a visafor study in Germany. We also have German courses online and free. If yourintention is to get visa for Germany, Schengen visa for Germany, work visa forGermany, or if your worry is do I need a visa for Germany, How can I getStudent visa for Germany you need to come to us or call us at NIDS the LanguageCollege


Is visafor Germany for Indian citizen necessary?

Yesvisa is required by Indian visiting Germany the different forms of visaavailable for Germany are tourist visa for Germany, transit visa for Germany,Student Visa for Germany, Spouse visa for Germany, Long term stay visa,Schengen visa for Germany, Work visa for Germany....

Thesecond question which may come to your mind is

If a visaneeded for Germany then what documents are required for German visa?

Thereare visa requirements for German visa of Indian citizens. There are specificGerman visa photo requirements, German student visa requirements, German workvisa requirements, and German Schengen visa requirements

Germanvisa requirements for Indian Citizen planning for long term stay visa due tomarriage with a German citizen are detailed below.

Family Re-union Visa

Comemeet our academic counselor and learn how our experience of teaching andtutoring German students has helped us evolve methods to teach you learn Germaneasily and fast

So nowlearn speak German while you sleep, learn German in your sleep

Get ridof the fear of learning German language, there is no doubt that learning Germanis easy.


TheGerman language requirement can be easily achieved at Nids

Germanmade easy at Nids for Indian learners, in case you want to need to learn Germanfast.

You needto attend our German made easy course or read German made easy book availableonline at extra cost. This version is available under the heading German madeeasy pdf, some site also advertise our product as German made easy online,German made easy free, German made easy, simple to understand, still othersites may be advertising our German learning products as German made easy andsimple to learn and understand. But your objective remains only to speak andunderstand German quickly and easily.

Rememberif you want to learn German a1 online free, that is pass German a1 course

Or getGerman a1 level question paper, clear A1 German test, Deutsch A1 German B1level, then remember it is Nids who teaches German in Jalandhar so stopworrying as to how you will get, German student visa, German embassy visa,German visa for Indian wife, how you will learn to speak German.

If youjoin us you will soon speak German phrases fluently and correctly. Stopworrying about learning German in Punjab, private German tutor, stop finding aGerman tutor. The best lessons services German at the least German tuition feesis now with you.

Moreinformation the German tutor

By bestGerman tutor in Jalandhar and also in India NIDS

Call usnow we can provide you with visa application for Germany


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learn french dutch spanish italian german english esol at nids

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