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Contact details

+91 9181059322



Create a list of unique and special things you love about your child each year on their birthday.

Have fun and learn at your birthday party !! Science birthday party for kids aged 5 to 14yrs.

Kids enjoy with amazing hands on activities. The idea is to make Science fun for the kids.

Spectacular science shows, science games and interesting activities for kids in Bangalore.

Our team is specialised and trained for Edutainment Parties !! We also provide kits for the Participants to do activities at the party.

An Usual Birthday Party contain - Fun Activity + Science Games+Science Show  and  Hands On Activity !!  

We do help in Themed and custom made science show for any number of kids.

Tons of fun!!!!!

For more details visit our website (www.gyanpro.com) or Facebook page.


Gyan Pro Educational Innovation Pvt Ltd.



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have fun and learn at the birthday party

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