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Salary :000
Functional Area :Finance & Accounting
Experience :5 years 0 months
Position :outsource
Organisation :global company formation uk
 ₹  000


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Global Company Formation
At Global Accountancy Services, we try to create an environment that inspires, rather than define rigid rules that limit the thinking and working capabilities of our employees. And our employees are not average either. We employ energetic individuals who work as a team, encourage and challenge each other every day.

We provide intellectually stimulating opportunities and challenges, encourage each one of them to think on their feet, and bring out the best in them. We have unwritten rules that allow our team to break the conventional barriers and surge forth, and to think beyond the ordinary, thus enhancing productivity.

If you would like to work with GlobalAccountancy Services, do send your resume to and we will get back to you as and when a suitable vacancy arises.

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company formation uk

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