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Traditionally, Chettinad wood work has been consisting of famous ornamental woodworks and Carpentry works. Wood craft in the olden days was noted for its majestic and ornate ‘Chettinad Nilai’ – Wooden Door Frames that were made for the main entrance of heritage buildings. The affluent “Nagarathars” grouped together in families and used to employ highly skilled Carpenters for making the main door frame with great designs and beautiful, eye-catching patterns. The carpenters were engaged under monthly wages for this purpose which took long duration and meticulous care. Some main door frames took even years to finish –due to the carvings of miniature birds and floral patterns that were of so small a size that involved very hard work and lot of time. The carpenters were not supposed to repeat the same designs elsewhere. Such was the pride of the community with their novelties.

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Wooden swings for sale

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