Weekend Webinar on American Accent by Beejays in Chandigarh

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Take membership in the League of Successful GLOBAL Project ManagersThis is the definitive American Accent Training program, that hasattracted senior professionals to sign on for long term personalized classes.

Learn How you could contract a personal coach who has both Indian and USexperience training IT Managers in Global American Accent .

Practice Small corrections in the way you articulate words and ideas, can go along way in making you a great communicator. Learn the importance of VoiceImage Projection techniques.


Get S M A R T Block your calendar October 25th2014 andLog in ONLINE for 90 minutes W E B I N A R !!!


Right American Accent Makes for More Opportunities to Grow.. Join BeejaysEnglish for advancement instatic careers.


Experience the charm of Digital Learning from yourDesktop or Laptop, at home or workplace. More information on dates , timing, fees andduration Visit http://www.beejaysenglish.com/american-accent-training.html to get access and confirmparticipation.


Call 9 7 0 4 67 4 3 8 2  or  7 3 8 2 5 4 7 2 9 5 to speak with Team BeejaySkype ID: beejaysenglish


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Weekend Webinar on American Accent by Beejays

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