Websphere Portal Server V8.0 Administration in Hyderabad

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Installing a Basic Portal
Introduction to Portal Administration
Planning a Portal Installation
The Portal Installation Wizard
Defining a Portal and Its Benefits
• The Portal Framework
• Benefits of Implementing a Portal
• IBM WebSphere Portal
• Portal Terminology
• Reasons for Implementing a Portal
Troubleshooting Installation Problems
• Logs and Other Tools Used to Resolve Installation Issues
Exploring the Portal and its Architecture
Exploring WebSphere and Portal Architecture
• Defining the Relationships Between WebSphere and Portal
• The WebSphere Portal Instance
• WebSphere Portal Offerings and Included Products
• High-Availability Support
• Portal Standards
• Default Port Assignments
Configuring a Portal for Production and Future Scalability
Examining the Portal Configuration Database
• Portal Configuration
• Default Database Configuration
• Enterprise Database Alternatives
• Benefits of Splitting the Configuration Database
Enabling LDAP-Based Authentication
Examining WebSphere and Portal Security
• The Portal Authentication Process
• Authentication Methods
• User Profiles
• User Repositories
• Security Enhancements
Using an LDAP as the User Repository
• Default Portal Security and LDAP
• LDAP Security Configuration Files
• Securing the Portal with IBM Tivoli Directory Server
Navigating and Managing the Portal
Portal Page Management Techniques
• Creating and Managing Portal Pages
• Creating a Portal Page Hierarchy
• Managing Page Properties
• Managing Page Layout
• Managing Portlets on Pages
• Exporting and Importing Page Hierarchies
Deploying Portlets

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Websphere Portal Server V8.0 Administration

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