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The water of Kolkata has been examined to be hard. Hard water is caused by mineral deposits that dissolve into the water and cannot be removed at the water treatment plant. If your home has a hard water problem then you are far from alone. Dew Pure manufactures Water Softener Plant for water filtering. A water softener will do exactly what its name says it will, soften the water. Once you have softer water you will really notice a difference. Water will smell and taste fresher and cleaner.
Buy Water Softener Plants from Dew Pure. These are manufactured in keeping with the client or consumer needs. We can provide you the best services in Kolkata.
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Factory/Office: 222, Garia Main Road, Near St.Clare School, Kolkata-700084
Mobile: +91 9681499444
Phone: +91 9681355667
Email: dewpuresolution@gmail.com

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Water Softener Plant in Kolkata

Kolkata 20000


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