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Brief Introduction About Xtend 

Xtend, based at Kochi, is a leading global provider of telecom-based products and solutions. Since 1997, Xtend has manufactured a series of innovative products for the communication industry. The company offers a range of products and solutions that covers the whole spectrums of call logging and interactive voice response systems. Our products serve the purpose of not only large corporate organizations but also small and medium-sized businesses all over the world.
Xtend’s innovative products include Voice Loggers, Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS), and Outbound Dialer etc. The products allow people to communicate with computers through telephones thus opening up opportunities for an enhanced customer service. Xtend’s products provide an easy and prompt solution to handle the communication system in various segments like bank, stock market, education institution, medical, travel and tourism, public security departments and much more.  


Xtend Voice Logger is a call-recording product that logs telephone conversations directed from analog and digital lines. This is a computer-telephone-integrated product that works with multiple channels to record the customer-related phone calls. The product improves customer-support interaction over phone and ensures better customer service, resulting in the development of an organization.   

Xtend Voice Logger implements a user-friendly browser-based interface to monitor the live calls. Multiple users with different authorization levels can access the interface from anywhere in the world. The browser-based application allows the upper management to administer all phone call-conversations in the system. 


Here are some reasons that ensure success in your firm with telephone call recording.

Process Development: Monitoring the complete telephone network that’s helps to understand the interactions between customer and the support staff. Continuous reviewing of the calls enhances the efficiency of the staff thus resulting in complete customer satisfaction. 
Staff Management: There are chances that the front office or the customer support staff while answering the calls may commit speech errors. The staff can hear their own voice conversations with the customer to avoid mistakes and improve call etiquette.
Quality Control: Call handling can be monitored on a regular basis to enhance the performance of the employees. Regular check on the live and recorded calls allows preparing appraisal reports that can be utilized to enhance the communication skill. 
Dispute Resolution: Recording of the telephone conversation can be priceless when you overcome disputes in your business. The logged conversations act as an important proof to solve the differences and retain the respect of your customers.
Policy Compliance: The customer support representative in your office is aware of the call monitoring process taking place at the back-end. This makes the staff to be more cautious while speaking to the customer over phone. The support personnel will adhere to company policies and regulations, and thus there will be a chance of minimal spoken errors. 


The front-end of Xtend Voice Logger is a browser-based application that displays the complete details of logged calls. Multiple users at different authorization levels can access the interface locally over the LAN network or remotely from Internet. At any time, the upper-level management in an organization for monitoring the live calls can access the interface. 

Features of Xtend Voice Logger.

o Remote access with multi-login facility at different access levels.    
o Displays the complete call details like Caller/Called Id, Call Date, Duration, Time, etc.
o Provision to export call reports even in HTML/Excel format.
o Audio file compression in advanced wave formats like GSM/G.711 A-law/µ-law/PCM/MP3.
o Inbuilt ActiveX control for analysis of logged audio file.
o Audio data storage to CD/DVD/HDD with data retrieving capability.     
o Advanced search allows the user to generate search reports on the basis of defined criteria.  
o Alerts are generated to inform the user about the low disk space or failure in connection.
o Remote pop-ups are generated to inform the user about the live calls.
o Provision of sending e-mails that facilitates multiple users to share the audio files.
o Phone book for quick retrieval of records and group monitoring of calls.
o Stackable USB powered device.
o Supports DTMF and FSK Caller-Ids.
o User-friendly browser interface with multiple access levels.
o Call record commenting and tagging.
o Compatible with analog lines, digital trunks/extensions, audio and VoIP lines.
o Real-time call snoop capability and call alert popups.
o Export call reports in HTML/Excel format.
o Backup to CD/DVD/hard disk or .zip files for later restoration.
o Automatic scheduled backup of recorded files. 
o Low disk space notification and board failure alerts.
o Graphical charts for statistical analysis of calls.
o SMDR integration for detailed call record analysis.
o Stereo audio logs for digital trunk, extension and VoIP calls.

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Voice Logger, Telephone Voice Recorder

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