Ultra-Sensitive Thin Condom by Okamoto 001 (0.01mm) - Regular Size - (Contains 3 pcs) - Made in JAPAN in Mumbai

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Product Title: Ultra-Sensitive Thin Condom by Okamoto 001 (0.01mm) (Pack of 3 pcs) - Made in JAPAN
Brand: Okamoto
Name: 001 (0.01mm) (Pack of 3 pcs)
Origin: Japan
Package Contains 3 Pcs
Product Description:
Okamoto 0.01 Zero One is the thinnest (0.01mm) product among Okamoto condom lineup. Okamoto is one of the top selling Japanese condom brands, famous for its large variety and high-end technology.
Even Thickness - One of the best unique features of Okamoto condom is "even thickness." Although some other manufacturers recently appeal thinness of their condoms like "0.03mm" or "thinnest," it actually means only a thin point (normally the bottom of condom). On the other hand, Okamoto''s condoms are evenly thin from the open end through the middle to the closed end.
Softness - "Softness" leads to "Closely-Fitting" and "Comfort." Okamoto condoms are proved to be softer compared to competitor''s items by internal modulus, and you can also see the characteristic by swelling up the condoms by yourself. Okamoto 0.01 is even softer and more flexible than the amazingly soft Okamoto 0.02 series. This softness conducts warmth of skin and texture to you as it is.
Key Features:
• World''s thinnest latex condom
• Premium Thinness, Measureable Thinness. Almost Nothing
• Guinness world record holder for thinnest condom
• No. 1 in Japan, Europe, Singapore, Canada
• Made in JAPAN

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Ultra-Sensitive Thin Condom by Okamoto 001 (0.01mm) - Regular Size - (Contains 3 pcs) - Made in JAPAN

Mumbai 1150


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