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Knowing Englishis not enough. Local Accent is Unacceptably Confusing. Lose out on appraisals.Overseas client unhappy with communication skills. Global American Accent isthe S O L U T I O N

Attend 90 Minute Perfect Pronunciation Workshop to gain American Accentinsights, for tomorrow’s Online Meeting. The biggest gains are confidence thatflows over into technical competence, pronunciation progress that translates intoproductive online meetings.


Sounding good has never been easier. Get S M A R T Block your calendarSeptember 14th 2014 and Log in ONLINE for 90 minutes!!!


Early Birds exercise 20 percent more benefits. Join Beejay’s Workshopfor a definitive understanding about American Accent and how you could make itin the Big League!


Delivery over WEBEX–like professional Online Meeting Tool. Experiencethe charm of Digital Learning from your Desktop or Laptop, at home orworkplace. More information on dates , timing, fees and duration


Visit http://www.beejaysenglish.com/accent-workshop.htmlto get access and confirm participation.

Call 9704674382 or7382547295

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Right American Accent More Opportunity. Join Beejays English

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