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Ranjeeta Jain

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IsSolar Water Heater really in position to provide water “Free of Cost”?

Solar Water Heater is no magic wand. Sizing of the system withrespect to geography/area where it is installed and the quality of the systemare too important parameters to be ignored.

For Eg A family of 4 in Udaipur may need only a 100 Liters Per Day(LPD) Solar Water Heater, whereas in Delhi the same may be needing 200-300 LPDsystem. All these differences are on account of difference of weatherconditions for all the places and also on the quality of radiations availablein that particulars region. It would also be interesting to note that evenpollution level in the area effects the quality of radiation available for therespective geography.

The kind of fixtures installed in the bathroom also contributehugely to the sizing of the system. If you have rain shower installed then forsure the system calculations would be different with conventional overheadshower. So the important point is to calculate the correct size of your SolarWater Heating system.

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Pressurized Solar Water Heater in Delhi and all over India

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