Nano cow Milking Machine for 2to4 cows form dairymate brand in Bangalore

Bangalore, Electronics & Technology
 ₹  10300


Contact details

+91 9060018006


Contact details

+91 9060018006


Product Code: DMMC001

Milking Machines Are Used To HarvestMilk From Cows When

Manual Milking Becomes Inefficient OrLabor-Intensive. 



Milking Capacity               : 2-5 Cows/Hour

Milking Can                        : 20 Liters, 304 S.S(Is0 9001)

Pulsator                              : 60:40 Types

Milk Hose                           : Silicone Food Grade,Non-Toxic & Transparent

Dimension                          : 850x460x460(LxWxH) mm

Machine Weight               : 12kg (Dry Weight)

Teat Liner Depth              : 180 mm

Teat Cup Dai                      : 25-50 mm

Seating Table Dai              : 210 mm

Pressure Build Stroke                : 55 Strokes For Build 300 Psi

Floor Mounted, Seating Type

Light Weight

Compact Design

Adapting Latest Technology

No Need Electricity



Features & Benefits

Economical And Affordable

Efficient And Reliable For Fast And Hygienic Milking

Indigenous Design With International Quality

Sturdy And Compact

Trolley Mounted Design For Easy Mobility

Easy Maintenance


Simple Management 

Perceived Lower Stress Environment 

Increased Milking Frequency 

Milking Consistency Constant

Reduce the Labor 

High Production Of Milk

Ensures CompleteMilking & Safe Health Of The Cow

DeliveryType: Home Delivery across India.

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Nano cow Milking Machine for 2to4 cows form dairymate brand

Bangalore 10300


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