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Software testing comeswith a lot of variety and serves a huge purpose in the business of the modernera. If you are planning of starting your career in a field that not onlyprovides amazing working scope, but also offers a lucrative salary, it is idealplace to begin. Moreover, if you are interested to start your career with adistinct technology, there is no doubt of the fact that QA online trainingcourse is just for you. Whether you are a beginner and searching for an optionthat will help you to start your dream career in a fast pace or planning tohone your skill you to advance your career, this is the ideal choice for you.This course is designed in such a way that learners will introduce to a widearray of things and advanced technologies that will enable them to providefruitful result to the organizations and improve the business performance ofthe same. Moreover, if you are working in some other field and wish to startyour career as an IT professional, simply get enroll in such course to be asuccessful professional.

Overviewof the course

SDLC, V model, STLC,Various Kinds of testing, Test Planning, Test documentation, Test Environmentset up, Test data, Test cases, Entire Flow or Test Execution, Test Reporting,Metrics, Defects, Traceability Matrix, UAT, GUI testing, Analysis standaloneapplications, Automation introduction, Test Management tools and various other miscellaneoustopics will be taught in the coursework. Students will learn the basics of QAalong with the advanced techniques of the same.

Useof QA

On successfulcompletion of the course, students will be able to handle softwareconfiguration management, scheduling test plan, estimating a test and manymore. All these enable the professionals to automate various powerful tools forthe overall improvement of performance.


If you are interestedto improve your knowledge on QA, it is time to find out the leading institutionoffering training on the same. Go through the outstanding features of the sameto ensure that you are designing the best one. You can enjoy the followingfacilities when commencing your QA course on A2Z Online training.

Ø  Thecourse is offered by experienced professionals that are passionate, as well.

Ø  Livetraining session by real time expert

Ø  Experiencedand expert professional designed the coursework based onthe current software

Ø  Thecourse is customized according to the job friend and demand of market

Ø  Studentswill be provided with practical assignments at the end of each session

Ø  ExclusiveCDs are provided to provide on hand knowledge

Ø  Excellentmodules and study materials to introduce the students to the theoreticalknowledge

Ø  Projectwork and live interview to provide practical knowledge

Ø  Mockinterview session for individual candidates

Ø  Placementassistance

Ø  Onjob training

Ø  Videorecording options to revise the lesson according to your preference

Ø  Flexibleclass timings

Ø  24hour accessibility to clear queries and doubts of students

Do not hesitate anymoreand select your preferred timing to start your career with great pace.



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