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We are a groupof professional software engineers working for reputed software firms and haveexperience of developing a wide range of applications in Java ranging fromsimple database projects to distributed applications which runs simultaneouslyon many different computers. We also offer project assistance to MCA, BCA,BTech students to implement MCA/BCA Major/Minor Projects which can be verysimple or very complex depending on the choice.

We not only helpyou implement the project but also help you understand the basics as well asthe advanced concepts of the java programming language. Moreover, since we arewell acquainted with the IT industry, we help the students to learn the latesttools and technologies used along with best practices followed in the industry.This can be of immense help when you go out to the job market which is verycompetitive. Only the best can survive in this competitive world, so join ustoday and book your seat.


Following is anindicative list of project topics in Java.

1.      Java Servets, JSP, Database Applications

2.      Java Servets, JSP, Database Applications usingadvanced frameworks like spring, hibernate.

3.      Java Swing Applications or Desktop Applications

4.      Java Networking Projects.

5.      Java Distributed Computing projects.

6.      Java Data Mining Projects.

7.      Java Artificial Intelligence Projects.

8.      Java Data Processing Projects.

Apart from thesewe also offer project guidance in the following topics

1.      PHP

2.      JSP

3.      Java

4.      JavaScript

5.      ASP

6.      C#

7.      VB

8.      Android

9.      Windows Phone

10.  Wordpress

11.  Drupal

12.  Joomla



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MCA/BCA Minor/Major Projects

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