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Over view of IBM Lombardi 7.5X

5. Explaining IBM Process Center Architecture
6. Introduction of Process Stake Holders and there activities.I
7. ntroduction of Lombardi Product Components.
8. Lombardi Key Terms and Concepts.

Creating your first Lombardi Project

5. How to add the User groups and Users and how to grant access
6. .Create a New Process
7. .Explain the Process Package / Tool Kit Package.
8. Managing Snapshots and Workspaces.

Designing BPD

6. Creating a BPD and Configuration Setting,
7. Adding Lanes to the BPD,
8. Assigning Participants,
9. Adding activities,
10. Establishing process flow lanes

Building Coaches and Services and nested service

4. Building Human Services
5. Building Integration Service
6. Building general System Services

Building an executable BPDs and Services

4. Using Gateways
5. Implementing Activities
6. Adding Process Variables to BPD

Building an executable BPDs and Services

4. Adding Events to BPD
5. Setting Environment Variable
6. Validating Processes

Modeling Events

4. Modeling Mesg Events
5. Timer Events
6. Adhoc Events

Mapping and Managing Variables

7. Creating Custom Variables
8. Declaring and passing variables
9. Creating Exposed process variables
10. explain Pre and Post assignments
11. Initializing Complex variable using java script
12. Making Variables available to process portal search

Exception handling

2. Exception handling

Advance Concepts

4. Using Embedded java script using external activities
5. Introduction to Web API and web services
6. Introduction to Performance DB, Tracking Groups, Reports

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Rakesh Kumar

+91 9700330693

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Ibm Lombardi Teamwork V8.5 Development

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