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Hi, This is great that you also look for your serious love. You know I am in search, too and I checked the http://www.mariya-club.com and was pleased how many nice and most of all real people are there.
Well, as for me why I joint the site, a friend of mine was searching for his love on the internet and registered on many sites but only on mariya club he met his fiancé.
You see, he was looking via profile sand saw lady’s eyes and just fallen in love with them… So, without thinking too long he invited a lady to chat and she replied him.
A walk later he sent her a birthday gift and it been delivered very fast.
So, they talked over the chat and communicated via letters and two years later they got married.
So, if you want to meet your real love, see me http://www.mariya-club.com/profile/Tanya-shy Princess/158497/349125/

Wish we find a true love soon

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I dream of my One and only Life



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