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Contact details

+91 9327699681


GillSir’s Institute is an awarded educational institute in Ashram road andNavranpura area. It offers coaching for Spoken English, IELTS, TOEFL/GRE, MBAEntrance-CAT/CMAT, Coaching for UPSC/GPSC and Banking exams. The Gill Sir’sCoaching Institute is also a student visa consultant.

GillSir’s institute was awarded by Vishvanathan Anand for the quality of educationprovided by it. The award was given away to Mr. S.S. Gill, the founder of theorganization.  The award function wasrelayed live on the Bloomberg T.V. India. 

Thename Gill Sir was framed long back by Mr. S.S. Gill the founder. Gill Sir, thetitle originated due to various reasons. One of the reasons is that the studentsof Mr. S.S. Gill knew him as Gill Sir which was one of the major reasons togive this name. But today the name does not only carry the affluence of theestablisher but is having behind it the efforts and contributions of variouspeople who work behind the name and run the institute as leaders or forerunnersin different areas of management.

GillSir’s Institute has proved its mettle by providing extraordinary coaching tothe students for the exams of IELTS/TOEFL. The Spoken English course is specially designed for students of variousneeds. The student visa process is done by specialized department and throughtie-ups with various colleges abroad.

Themain thing behind it all is the philosophy which turns into a mindset for theorganization. Mr. S.S. Gill the founder believes in the principles of honestyand transparency which are the thumb rules of the organization and actually thepillars of the institute.

GillSir is a trademarked name of the founder Mr.S.S. Gill and is unique in India.The trade mark tries hard to live up to its ideals and follows certainself-acquired policies in different ways.  Mr.S.S. Gill believes in commitment and dutywhich we try best to offer to the people associated to us.


Fromthe Founder.




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Gill Sir- Awarded Institute in Ashram road/Navranpura – Ahmedabad.

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