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Story & Script – Never Before available for feature films – TV serials – Theatre & Short Film………Written by National Award Winner Author & Journalist (TOI) Satyabrata Biswas, M.Com, MBA. Member of FWA – IMPPA – President, Rotary Club, Mumbai. ============================================================

Story in brief (Blueline Blues) : This is a story of Delhi’s dilapidated, transport system. Govt’s failure to maintain it’s own fleet of buses & called Blueline buses. These buses kept killing commuters’ everyday. Delhi High Court ordered to remove these killer buses from the roads, a year ago. But they are still plying WHY? Because these buses belong to the politicians. Sheila Dixit’s govt does not seem to be interested in halting the bloodbath. This alarming issue has been highlighted through a triangle love story where the hero, the heroine & other characters become victims of the Blueline buses – how they fought against the mafia, hooligans and the Delhi administration in vain. They were overpowered by the bureaucrats, police, and blueline bus owners. The storyline will grip the audience, keeping them engrossed from the first scene to the last. Contact: 9820117180 (Mumbai), Email:,….Website:…….. Many stories are ready.

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Film Maker - Author & Journalist...National Award Winner

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