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Mahesh Rao

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+91 9820869565

Mahesh Rao

Contact details

+91 9820869565


We undertake "GalaxyCeiling By Fiber Optical" developed through Opitcal Cables.

What’s better than watching a great movie in your own home theater? Howabout watching it “underneath the stars” ? Fiber Optic Ceiling is the finalchoice for halls,home theaters, kids bedroom etc  

Description:  Star Ceiling Light- It’s a new concept tocreate a galaxy effect with twinkling and color changing stars in the ceilingcreated through fiber optic and ceiling and walls come alive with star points,recreating a starry night sky. A galaxy of stars is created with fiber opticfiber and Optional twinkling effect is created by adding a twinkle wheel orcolor wheel. Galaxy Ceilings, a night sky from Fiber Optic Lighting, varyingthe amount each fiber extends out of the panel or ceiling, will vary the widthand brightness of "star points" creating a truly representative clearnight sky.                                                                                                                    


·        Spa Therapy Room

·        Dining Rooms

·        Bedrooms

·        Children’s Bed

·        Entryways

·        Living Rooms

·        Entertainment Rooms

·        Home Theaters

·        Play room

·        Den

·        Party Room

·        Outdoor Patio

·        Florida Room

·        Gazebo

·        Visual Merchandising

·       Exhibit projects.

Contact :MAHESHRAO-Mobile : 9820869565 for your fiber optics starry ceiling.

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Fiber Optic Starry Night Sky Ceiling - Mumbai India

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