Dslr camer Slider Zip Cam Dolly in Kochi

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Contact details

+91 9895546011


Slider, advanced specially designed for Professionals and Pro-Amateurs available at affordable price tag is customizable according to end user requirements.

Self lubricating Cast Nylon Wheels and its high quality imported Bearings will provide your slider silky smooth movement for a longer period without any maintenance.

The camera Carrier has provision to mount Video/Ball Heads or Camera directly and has 3 versions to select.

1. Solid Heavy Duty - suitable for Canon EOS 5D, Sony PMW series etc.

2. Light Weight - suitable for all DSLR Cameras and HDCams.

3. Light Weight Dolly - can be easily removed from the slider and use separately as a Dolly which can travel on the floor in an Arc or Circle path and suitable for all DSLR & HD Cameras.

Length of the slider can be 3 to 5 feet (maximum) made of 16mm high quality Polished Stainless Steel Pipe.

Side Stands are provided with 1/4" threaded holes and can easily be mounted on Tripods or Light Stands to adjust the height requirement

1. Solid Heavy Duty.
2. Solid Adjustable & Foldable.
4. Solid Light Weight.

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Dslr camer Slider Zip Cam Dolly

Kochi 8500


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