Diploma in Anesthesia Admission Started For 2015 in Chennai

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Diploma in Child Health Admission Started For 2015
Women and children constitute a unique and vulnerable group in global health. Global health interventions are often targeted toward women and children since they suffer from unique health disparities and yet also hold the most promise for improved health. For example, addressing malnutrition, improving prenatal care, and increasing immunization rates can be done at large scale with high benefits in terms of lowering morbidity and mortality. In addition, a mother’s health profoundly affects the health and well-being of her children. In this way, interventions targeted toward women and their children can achieve long-lasting positive health effects.

Degree type : PG Diploma
Duration: 2 Yrs
Type : Diploma
Mode : Full time


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Diploma in Anesthesia Admission Started For 2015

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