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There is a general perception among the many scale model collectors in India that bigger is always better. At ScaleModelCart.com, we say that the opposite can be just as true as well. We provide miniature diecast models that different from the conventional 1:18 or 1:24 scales but for the overwhelmingly defiant diecast fans that have to have everything “king size”, ScaleModelCart.com has something unique for them as well.
Through ScaleModelCart.com we aim to introduce our customers to diecast collectibles that are always more than the usual. You will be introduced to iconic automobiles that played a significant role in Indian history such as the Dukker Fiat, the grand old lady Ambassador, the workhorse Matador, the sporty Standard Motors Herald and the two wheeled king and queen of the Indian roads, the Jawa and the Lambretta. Our catalog of diecast scale models extend from the pre 1900s era through post Indian independence, Y2K to concept automobiles that will arrive in the future.
Last but not least, you can be sure whatever diecast product you obtain from ScaleModelCart.com, each one of them will have its own unique legacy and history. They will definitely be remarkable possessions in your repertoire with beauty that will fill you with happiness and admiration each time you look or feel them.
What we stand for is summed up in our tagline “Diecast –Get more than the usual” or as they say “Zara Hatke!”

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Diecast Model Cars India



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