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DM – OncologyAdmission 2015





Eligibility:Post Graduation

DM – Oncology

DM – Oncology orDoctor of medicine in Oncology is a postdoctoral Oncology medical course. Oncologyis a branch of medicine that deals with tumours (cancer). A medicalprofessional who practices oncology is an oncologist. D.M. Medical Oncology courseimparts intense training to D.M. candidates into the field of medical oncologyand related subjects with adequate exposure to clinical and laboratory basedactivities. During the course emphasis is given on diagnosis of any cancer in aperson, Therapy, follow-up of cancer patients after successful treatment,palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies and ethical questionssurrounding cancer care. The duration of the course is three years but it maybe more or less from place to place.


DM – Neonatology Eligibility:

Ø Students shouldhave an M.B.B.S. degree recognized from Medical Council of India.



Ø Candidates whohave Post Graduate Degree (M.D.) recognized by Medical Council of India orappropriate D.N.B. of National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.


Ø M.D. Paediatricsor equivalent (including Diplomat of National Board in Paediatrics


How is D.M.Medical Oncology Course Beneficial?


Ø Applicants havemany career opportunities after the degree when they work as a productivemember of the interdisciplinary team consisting of obstetricians,paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, other doctors, nurses, and grassrootsfunctionaries providing care to the pregnant mother, the foetus and the newbornin any setting of health care system.

Ø They can alsocontribute in analyzing new literature and information on neonatology, updatethe concepts, and practice evidence-based neonatology; it is also a careeroption for them.

Ø Teaching line isalso good field for them after its completion; for becoming permanent lecturerthey have to pass UGC guidelines prescribed for it.


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DM – Oncology Admission 2015

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