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DM – NeurologyAdmission 2015


Duration:   3yrs

Level:       Doctorate

Type:        Degree

 Eligibility: Post Graduation


DM – Neurology

DM – Neurology orDoctor of medicine in Neurology is a post-Doctorate NeurologyMedical course. Neurology means that it is a medical specialty dealing withdisorders of the nervous system. More clearly it deals with the diagnosis andtreatment of all categories of disease involving the central, peripheral, andautonomic nervous systems, including their coverings, blood vessels, and alleffectors tissue, such as muscle. The components of the curriculum which areundertaken during the course are: Theoretical Knowledge, Practical and Clinicalskills, Attitudes including Communication skills and Knowledge about researchmethodology. The course duration is three years and it opens many job scopesafter completing it.

D.M. Neurology Eligibility

For admission to D.M. Neurologycourse, a candidate is required to possess MD/DNB degree either in Medicine orin Paediatrics of an Institute/University recognized by the Medical Council ofIndia.

>Candidatesappearing for M.D General Medicine/DNB General Medicine or MD PaediatricMedicine/ DNB Paediatric Medicine examination and expecting results beforeadmission may also submit their application subject to the condition that theypass their qualifying examination before admission

>How is D.M.Neurology Course Beneficial?

After having this degree thecandidates are able to teach undergraduate students MBBS and Post GraduateStudents MD Med or Paediatrics or Psychiatry as well as investigative Neurology.Also they will be able to perform Clinical and Investigative studies and topresent in Seminars, meetings and conferences etc.

This course empowers the studentsto possess knowledge of principles of research work in the field of Neurologyin both the clinical and experimental field with the ability to usefullyanalyze data. So they have good job opportunities here.

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DM – Neurology Admission 2015

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