DM – Nephrology ADMISSION 2015 in Ambattur

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DM –Nephrology ADMISSION 2015

DM – Nephrology 

DM – Nephrology orDoctor of medicine in Nephrology is a Doctorate Nephrology course.Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine and paediatrics which is dealingwith the study of the function and diseases of the kidney. The main aim of D.M.(Nephrology) program is to provide training to the candidates in the specialtyof Nephrology encompassing the related knowledge, skills, research methodologyand attitudes. Subsequently, this course enables them to function as anindependent clinician/ consultant, a teacher or a research scientist. Theduration of the course is three years and it offers wide spread opportunitiesboth in government and private sectors including self-employment.




Eligibility:Post Graduation

Howis D.M. Nephrology Course Beneficial?

·        Afterhaving the higher degree the candidates can become specialist consultantNephrologists of renal disease management; and will be responsible for allaspects relating to the medical care of both in and out patients in thefacility.

·        Teachingis also the good option for them after passing it successfully

·        Theycan also run hospitals both in partnership and their own in form ofself-employment.

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DM – Nephrology ADMISSION 2015

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