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DM –Neonatology Admission 2015




Eligibility:Post Graduation

DM –Neonatology

DM – Neonatology or Doctor of medicine in Neonatology is a post-Doctoral medicinal course. Neonatology is a sub-specialtyof paediatrics that consists of the medical care of newborn infants, especiallythe ill or premature newborn infant. D.M. (Neonatology) provides advancedtraining in Neonatology to produce competent super-specialists who are able toprovide clinical care of the highest order to the newborn infants, and serve asfuture teachers, trainers, researchers and leaders in the field of Neonatology.This is three years duration course and it is career orienting in nature thatopens many job scopes for them after completing it.

DM – Neonatology Eligibility:

Ø For this course candidates shouldhave M.D. Paediatrics or equivalent (including Diploma of National Board inPaediatrics) degree.

Howis D.M. NeonatologyCourse Beneficial?

Ø After completing the courseapplicants have wide scopes in labs, clinics, hospitals and other governmentmedical jobs.

Ø Teaching is also safe and goodfield for them. Further they can go for various educational designations both ingovernment and private run colleges/universities.

Ø  They have also further studies option with them.

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DM – Neonatology Admission 2015

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