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DM – GastroenterologyAdmission 2015





Eligibility:Post Graduation

DM – Gastroenterology

DM – Gastroenterology or Doctor of medicine inGastroenterology is a DoctoralGastroenterology course. Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine in whichthe digestive system and its various types of disorders are studied on a largescale. Regarding the course students should acquire an overall knowledge inGastroenterology from standard textbooks, monographs and peer reviewed journalsdealing with Gastroenterology, Herpetology, pancreatology and related BasicSciences and Epidemiology. D.M. in Gastroenterology is three years durationcourse but it may be more or less depending on institute to institute.

D.M.Gastroenterology Eligibility

Applicantsshould possess M.D. (Medicine) degree for applying for this course.

How is D.M.Gastroenterology Course Beneficial?

·        This degreecourse provides the candidates conducive environment in explaining managementand prognosis, providing counselling and giving health education messages topatients, families and communities, etc.

·        As this coursefacilitates learning of medical/nursing students, practicing physicians, Para-medicalhealth workers and other providers as a teacher-trainer. So they have widebright job scopes.

·        They can also gofor teaching fields both in schools and colleges/ universities.


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DM – Gastroenterology Admission 2015

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