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DM – CardiologyAdmission 2015


Duration: 3yrs



Eligibility:Post Graduation


DM – Cardiology

DM –Cardiology or Doctor of medicine in Cardiology is a postgraduateCardiology Medical course. Cardiology is a medical specialty dealing withdisorders of the heart (especially the human heart). The main thing that isdone during the course is diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects,coronary artery disease, heart failure, alular heart disease andelectrophysiology. The duration of Doctor of Medicine in Cardiology is threeyears and it may be more or less than this depending on institutes differently.The course is career orienting in nature that gives many jobs opportunities forthem after its completion.


How is D.M. CardiologyCourse Beneficial?


·        Degree holders have a lot ofbright opportunities in hospitals where they can be bestowed upon differenttypes of responsibilities in their specialties.

·        Applicants have also the teachingoptions both at private and government places along with their self-runninghospitals.

·        They can also becometeacher/lecturer on private basis and after passing UGC-NET exam can go forpermanent lecturer in colleges/universities in the country.

·        Candidates can seek a career inpublic and in private sector as well. They can be employed as doctors inhospitals or lecturers in medical colleges.

·       They can do research work relatedto heart and become scientists in cardiology.


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DM – Cardiology Admission 2015

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