Coffee estate for sale - build holiday home in Dindigul

Dindigul, Real Estate
 ₹  500000

Mahesh R

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+91 9444509510


·        An extent of 8 acres available for Sale at Rs 7 Lacsper acre.

·        30 kms from Kodaicanal and 30 kms from Dindigul.

·        Can be subdividied to suit small buyers consideringholiday home at a budget of around Rs  5Lacs.

·        Well maintained estate with Coffee plants, peppervines and Jackfruit trees.

·        Good source of agricultural income.

·        Income from Timber will be supporting in a big way.

·        Have motorable roads.

·        Ideal place for a holiday home.

·        Support can be extended for the maintenance of theestate and building the home.

·        Build your home and give it to us as a time shareproperty to earn more.

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Coffee estate for sale - build holiday home

Dindigul 500000


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