CRYSTAL ICR 2.5 (Convert your Images to Text with 98% Accuracy) in Chennai

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Sri Kumar Raja

Contact details

+91 9533599282

Sri Kumar Raja

Contact details

+91 9533599282


No more typing your scanned images in notepad or Ms Word.

With CRYSTAL ICR 2.5 you can convert your Images to Text (Notepad) or Ms Word with above 90% accuracy.

Please visit our website for complete details of the software and other products:

Watch the demo video in Youtube:

We also provide Proof Read Software for further QC if needed.
We also provide Automated HTML Tagging Service for your files.

Some important features of our Software:
• Highly accurate text recognition including special characters such as à â ä é ê ß ü etc.
• Automatically recognize handwriting and cursive text.
• Easy pattern training module interface. (Please watch video for complete procedure).
• Automatic double column layout identification.
• Supports conversion of multi-language images such as: English, Dutch, French, German, etc.,
• Supports batch processing of images.
• Supports all Image formats such as Tiff, Jpg, Bmp, Gif, Png etc.
• Conversion to Text (TXT) & Ms Word (DOC) formats.
• Converts images of any file size.
• Unlimited number of conversions.
• Supports extremely low resolution images.
• Support very small size fonts.
• Fast document conversion rates, about 6 files/minute.

CRYSTAL ICR is a product of CRYSTAL LOGICS. For genuine Product, Support and Updates please contact:

Mr. Sri Kumar Raja
Mobile: 09533599282, 09325891441

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CRYSTAL ICR 2.5 (Convert your Images to Text with 98% Accuracy)

Chennai 35000


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