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ALIAMAG AMF900 Series is a flange type Electromagnetic Flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 6 to 2000mm.
The AMF900 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage Pulp & Paper and many other applications.
AMF900 Series magmeter could be used in compact or separate model with AMC Series converter of electromagnetic flowmeter

Various liner can be selected that satisfies most industrial applications.
Flow Velocity range:0-12 m/s, with good results for low flow applications
It comes any flanges such as ,ANSI, DIN, JIS ¡­etc.
It excellent for high pressure application.
Protection class: IP68 is available,and the sensor can sink into the water.
FEP Liner suitable in vacuum tube.
High accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading(or+/-0.2% of reading)
With Forward/Reverse flowrate measure function.

Pipe Size: 6 - 2000 mm(1/4'' - 80'')
Measureing Range:0 - 0.25 m/s min.
0-12 m/s max.

Explosion Proof: Exd(ib)ibqIIBT5 (with AMC3100 only)
IP 68
IP 68 (Submersible)
Ambient Temperature: -25 to +60oC
-10 ~ +60 oC (Polyurethane,PU)
-20 ~ +70 oC (Neoprene)
-40 ~ +180 oC (FEP)
-40 ~ +180 oC (PTFE/PFA)

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Alia Electromagnetic Flowmeter,flange type,AMF900 Series(Waste water

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