Admission to MCh - Plastic Surgery 2015 in Chennai in Chennai

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Admission to MCh - Plastic Surgery 2015 in Chennai
MCh - Plastic Surgery

Basic Eligibility

For admission into master’s degree course a student must have a bachelor’s degree in the required subject. The duration for master’s degree course is 2 years.
Job Prospects
Career in surgery is a field for those professionals whose demand is always felt. Besides general surgery there are other surgeries specializations such as cosmetic surgery, breast surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery and dental surgery.

Therefore career prospects are very high for this field in India and abroad. Many people from abroad visit India; especially to get their surgeries done as the expenditure of surgery is cheap. Surgeons can work in private clinics, government hospitals, healthcare centers, medical Institutes, nursing homes and research institutes etc. With an experience of 8-10 years a surgeon can open his/her own hospital.

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Admission to MCh - Plastic Surgery 2015 in Chennai

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